Preparing for Benefits Review


I now have a hearing coming up to a DRO, what documents should I have to properly defend my case?? There has never been any rating decision made with exception to my dental issues, that are rated at 100% service connected but non-compensatable, I was struck in my head when station aboard the USS Guam, back in 1975. I sufferend skull damage with is now being refered to as TBI, Tramatic Brain Injury, even my PTSD was denied, Im tring to put the proper package together to defend my case, what do I really need to do???


You should plan to be brief. Present your evidence orally in a very structured manner. Start at the beginning. Lay it out one step at a time. "I was injured. This is what happened. The consequences to me over time are as follows: (1) ___ (2) ___ (3) ___ Today I am suffering the residuals of my injury in the following ways
___________. Thank you for your time. I appreciate your attention sir."

Plan on maybe 10 minutes to do this. If you can cut it to 5 or 6, that's better. These folks are always in a hurry and they are more favorable to a guy who doesn't ramble and waste time.

Practice what you will say. I used to speak to myself in front of a mirror with a stopwatch running. I've also bored my wife to tears asking her to listen to me as I practiced my presentation.

You'd be amazed how much better your talking becomes at the real thing if you practice. It's worth the effort.