personal injury but don't know who to sue


I am a US Army Veteran, receiving medical treatment at hospital in San Francisco. I had a serious fall May 23,2019 falling over a rock boulder that was covering a unbolted cement grate cover.  It was on City property but was labeled PAC-Bell. I’m still under Dr care with medication and weekly Acupuncture sessions. I filled a general City claim form which was denied. They suggested I file with PAC Bell, but it was maintained by City. Public knowledge that over 15 people gotten injured same exact spot. I’m seeking relief for EMT Bill 4,000 plus Dr visits medications, plus pain and suffering. Can you please assist me in any way?

Jim's Reply:

I can only tell you that you need to talk with a local personal injury attorney. You need someone local who knows how the system works there. Good luck.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Many personal injury lawyers will provide a free consultation up front.  You may want to ask the local  LRS provider listed in our Find Legal Help directory in your area to provide some names and contact information or do an online search for 'personal injury lawyer" in your area.