Pension and child support


Im disable vet pension sc60 I wold like to know if when va asigned an apportiorment the custodian parent could the state court can order the not custodian parent to pay child support because I belive I will be paying twice


You will pay twice in some states. If the apportionment goes directly to the custodial parent and does not first go to the state child support enforcement agency, it won't be recorded as fulfilling the obligation.

Some states require that all money given to fulfill an order of child support go through the appropriate state agency first for accounting purposes. Money delivered outside the state agency may be considered a gift. Gifts of money do not meet the requirement of child support.

You will have to speak to a clerk of court in the family court where the order originated. VA will not be involved in divorce actions beyond the apportionment. In child support and alimony disputes the family court always rules. If you have money apportioned from your VA disability payment you must return to the appropriate family court to ask that judge to allow the apportioned sum to be counted to fulfill your obligation. Only the judge can make that ruling in most cases.