Pending claim for TDIU


Hi there..... I am 80% SC (70 for PTSD ; was 20% for left thumb & 10% for each knee, total of 40%, prior to 70% award in May 2019. I have filed for TDUI due to workplace triggers (i work at local CBOC). I used to enjoy my work till 2018 when I was assaulted by clinic MD (I am awaiting an EEO hearing to be scheduled) & my co-worker is a Navy vet who has triggered my symptoms. I have been on medical leave via FMLA since 5/8/19, due to exacerbation of my workplace triggering my PTSD . What are the chances of getting permanent TDUI.?   If I am awarded, what would be my dependent's entitlements?

Jim's Reply

I'm sorry, my crystal ball doesn't seem to be working very well today so I'm unable to predict the future. Nobody will be able to answer your questions, there are just way too many variables that can affect the outcomes. You'll have to wait for a complete adjudication and then you'll know.