Parents want to help son who is disabled vet


Hi - Our son is 100% disabled Afghanistan army vet – PTSD and TBI – Homeless but finally living in a RV where ever he can. Looking for a place to park and call home for a year or more. Rent or buy if possible, but he has multiple credit card debts he has not paid on for a few years. We know the processes and have help for a loan, but really need some legal advice regarding buying land or a home We really need to talk to someone about issues with debtors. Do you have a specific person who could give knowledgeable advice for a vet? We really need good advice from someone who really knows. The main questions are below.
- If he buys a property or home, can they lien it?
- If he puts my name on the deed with his, would that protect him?
- He lives in different places in his RV homeless. Can they take his RV or take property or take his home?
- I expect they can lien the propery, but don’t know if they can do that to the RV. I know that that only comes into play when he sells.
- Will taking out a secured credit card to improve his credit score pop up in the collector’s He systems and create more issues with them pressuring him?
- If he buys a property or home will that information be public and pop up for the collectors and create more issues them going after him?
- He has a few credit card accounts that have balances under $1000. We might be able to help him take these off the list of creditors.
• Will his paying some off be known by other collectors and create more pressure?
• Will paying off a couple of depts show up and help his credit score?
• He does not have the money to pay off all the depts and getting into a debt consolidation could be more of hardship than not paying anything at all since it would take money out of his fixed income for many years.
We need to get legal advice regarding these types of things or some who has dealt with them and really knows.
Or a suggestion of a lawyer to work with. We appreciate any direction and support you can provide!

Jim's Reply:

I can't begin to answer all your questions. First up, I'm not sure that you grasp the magnitude of the problem you're dealing with. You seem to be planning to purchase property in the face of enormous debt and damaged credit and you're planning all this for your veteran who doesn't seem to be participating? If you want to help your veteran with legal problems, be sure he wants the help. If he isn't on board and involved, you could make his life worse than before. Then you need a local lawyer...not a veterans lawyer but an attorney who is experienced in bankruptcy filings and massive debt issues. That your son is a veteran won't particularly help with the debt issues and an attorney who is local to him and familiar with the local system is your best bet.