Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) & TDIU


Hi Jim, I am a gulf war veteran and have been on TDIU (permanent) for over 7 years. I was looking for part time work and because of COVID, I qualified for PUA payments.  I now have over $15,000 and think I am above the poverty threshold. I have 2 dependents on my award  - both are my elderly parents.  Does this put me at the poverty size of a family of 3? Can my TDIU be revoked because I got PUA benefits? I'm worried! Thanks in advance.


Jim's Reply:

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) may be provided by your state to individuals who are unemployed and otherwise not eligible for traditional unemployment benefits. PUA is a temporary benefit and it is not gainful employment so you have no worries with your VA.

You do not need to notify VA or otherwise provide any accounting for other emergency assistance you may receive for yourself and your family during these challenging times.

Stay safe - stay home! Good luck.