Painful VA C & P exam


Had a C&P exam today and didn't know anything about it. During my exam she was measuring my knees and was trying to force my knees and down and backwards causing extreme pain and discomfort. I was in so much pain my face turned red and felt dizzy. I told her to stop and it hurts but she kept trying to force it. After the exam, I could barely walk out and they sent me over to x-rays. I already had an existing DBQ from a private doc but something didn't feel right about this exam and I started to research..not sure what

Jim's Reply:

I don't quite understand how you had a C & P exam that you didn't know about but, in any case, if you experienced pain, you should have told the examiner to stop. If the examiner doesn't stop, you can leave. The C & P exam should appropriately measure the degree of use that you have in any given joint but if the exam causes pain, it's perfectly OK to stop it. Now that the exam is done and you've apparently recovered, the next thing to do is nothing. There really is no appropriate action to take. If you complain or seek another exam you'll delay the process of adjudication on your claim while this gets sorted out. If nothing was broken and you don't have any lasting injury from the uncomfortable exam, you'll want to wait for the decision on your claim before taking any actions regarding the exam. If you believe you were harmed or that medical malpractice happened, you need to speak with an attorney to assess the damages.