OEF Veteran and IRS axes


Hello. I am an OEF disabled veteran. I have been experiencing issues with the IRS for the past 3-4 years to the point where I dread tax time as it causes great anxiety and depression. I have been on $150 installment plan for almost 3 years and literally just learned about a month ago that my PT job wages have a tax levy (started in Nov 2019) yet I feel like my “balance owed” isn’t decreasing at all. To be honest, I’ve never known how much I actually owe. When I try calling the IRS I either can’t get through to someone or they can’t answer any of my questions. This experience is more than overwhelming because I don’t understand what’s going on. I get so frustrated that I cry and give up on asking questions because no explanations make sense. Any feedback or info on who to contact For assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jim's Reply:

I'm not sure I understand the problem? Here's why I don't get it.

Like you I've been in deep trouble with the IRS. I accepted what I knew was a shady salary practice from an employer and when I left the firm I was assured that all had been taken care of. Fast forward 6 years and I was unpleasantly surprised to get a notice that I owed back taxes, penalties and interest. My former employer had passed away and in an audit his shady tax tricks were discovered and there I was left holding at least part of the bag.

The next few years were pretty miserable. I'd made a big mistake and I paid a big penalty. However, I had none of the issues you're having. I made my arrangements for payback and the IRS staff were prompt, courteous and helpful. They answered all my questions and provided me with written guidelines of my obligation and payment plans to be sure I understood what was happening.

Fast forward once again and after living a life of poverty for about 5 years, I had paid off the debt and was once again solvent and I was able to keep what I'd earned. I've had a CPA doing my taxes ever since.

So, long story short, I don't know why you're having so much trouble. If you owe back taxes you must pay them. IRS will mail you everything you need to know about the debt, the balance owed, payments due and so on. If you're having a problem paying, they'll even work out new payment plans for you.

This isn't a debt you're likely to be able to erase and pretending it isn't there won't help. Were I you I'd accept that somewhere along the line I erred and as soon as I get this paid off that won't happen again. Good luck.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Depending on your financial situation, you may qualify for free legal services through a "low income taxpayer clinic" program in your State.  They help negotiate and resolve IRS debt cases and are willing to spend an hour+ on hold with the IRS to make this happen. Look for a local provider on the LRIS map here.