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My husband is 100% physically disabled vet and I am 100%P&T. I had placed my husband on medicare A and he qualified for medicare B six months later plus a supplemental plan. Before he qualified for B and supplemental he fell and broke his hip. I called and got him qualified for the ER. VA denied his Intense Rehabitation, stating he had medicare. He was in facility more than 21 days. I had to fight really hard to have VA pay as the copays are very high. I am considering cancelling his medicare, to avoid VA failure to pay in the future. It has been 11 months and I am still dealing with this issue. Is it wise to cancel medicare A, B and supplemental? I must carry Medicare A, B, and supplemental as I was placed on a a non invasive ventalator given to me by the VA but they refused to maintain and support the unit. I would have died, so I applied for Medicare A, B and supplemental which has ventilator coverage under durable medical equipment. That was 3 years ago. I am still alive and am my husband's full time 24/7 caretaker as he is Stage 5 dimentia ischemic brain disease secondary to agent orange caused ischemic heart disease. Medicare does not pay for long term care, so his care is my responsibility.


Jim's Reply:

To cancel Part A is very difficult. If you are successful and then in the future you decide you want it back there will be penalties so I wouldn't think canceling his Medicare is the thing to do.

You're in a difficult situation, just like so many seniors are today. The best I can advise is that you keep working with VA and seek long term care for him. Your Congressional representative may be able to help. Good luck.


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