Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act


Back in roughly February, I was sent an offer letter of employment from a new school that I in turn signed and returned to them. This was before my deployment came about. I gave them my orders and gave them a month's notice in advance before I left country. I called the HR rep for the school to get some details and was told that she could not guarantee that there would be a job/opening available when I returned and that I should contact them when the time gets closer for me to return. I wanted to get some clarification in regards to my rights in this situation. Although I left before I actually started the position and did not fill out payroll paperwork or anything like that, am I still protected under the law due to them sending me an offer letter and in turn me signing and returning it to them? I was under the impression that I should be and that they have to guarantee me at least a position of equal pay and/or benefits even if it wasn't the exact same position as when I left.


Jim's Reply:

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act is complex and often tough to enforce. 

Your best bet is to speak with a veterans law attorney to learn what your options may be.

Good luck.


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