Community Care Billing


In May of 2020 my husband of 53 years went off the deep end and knew he needed help. After driving himself 75 miles to the closest Va and waiting 8 hours, the VA doctor had him transported by ambulance to an outside facility that could take him. Due to the pandemic, they could not find a VA hospital bed. I called the next day and was assured that Community Care would take care of the hospital bills. We get a new bill every day and it is September. I have called many times but the Va puts me on hold. After an hour or so I hang up. My husband was inpatient for 7 days and was sent home. He spoke to a psychiatrist once. The bills are a worry. My husband is 75. Who can I contact to get them to pay for his bills? Thank you for your input.


Jim's Reply:

Call 855-948-2311. Tell them where you got the number and explain what's up. That should do the trick. If not, let me know.


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