Landlord handed us a hand-written eviction notice


Due to the coronavirus situation, we got behind in rent. Our landlord has been a thorn in our side since. At first he said he was gonna give us a legal eviction on July 11th but then he showed up 2 days later with a handwritten 10 day notice to vacate. It's one he made up himself. Its not signed by a judge or sheriff;  he just wrote our names on it, then he signed it. We rent a regular half a section 8 or anything like that. What to do? Can he really throw us out in 10 days?

Jim's Reply:

The rental situation across the country is in a real mess. Differing rules and regs have been published for different communities across the nation to a point nobody can be sure of what is and isn't an active regulation today.

You'll need to look local, into the community where you reside, and seek some legal aid through an organization near to you. 

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  In many states around the US, evictions are not being allowed to take place because of the pandemic.  In all states, the legal process for eviction must be followed and hand-written notices by a landlord don't sound proper.  Check with your local legal aid program  ASAP for help, via "LSC" in the "Find Legal Help" directory.


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