100% disabled veteran can't pay divorce attorney


I am 100% service-connected disabled. I am going through a divorce and have run out of money to pay my attorney so I did a withdrawal of counsel. Opposing counsel will not sign the order that my former attorney sent them. The Courthouse says that they can give me no advice and I’ve contacted the state bar and they have not been able to help. I guess I need another attorney but I have no money to pay one. I did do an e-file asking opposing counsel to submit their discovery and have received no response. Do you know of an attorney who will help me with my case pro bono? I have reached out to several organizations including lone star legal aid and everyone says that I am not qualified because I am not low income. What can I do?

Jim's Reply:

"What can I do?"

I really don't like saying this as often as I have to but...you can find a way to pay for a lawyer or head to court and represent yourself. That you are a disabled veteran has little or no effect on divorce...divorce is a civilian problem with civilian solutions, all of which cost money. 

I'd usually tell you to check with legal aid organizations and you've done that and learned that you aren't low income so you won't be getting free help from them. No, I don't know any lawyers who will help you for free. Divorce is a particularly time consuming and emotionally draining process and I can't imagine any professional who would want to subject themselves to all that angst and not bill for their time.

Again, I see that you have 2 paths: You can find a way to pay for the lawyers services you want or you can represent yourself. I don't think there's another way.


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