Current IDH and DMII rating due to Agent Orange


Jim, So I am rated 30% for IHD and 20% for DMII due to AO exposure 40 % total.   In 2012, I started having a-fib symptoms and in 2013 was hospitalized due to recurring a-fib episodes and in 2015, I had Pacemaker implanted and my afib has still continued until now,  So my question is, do I have enough to claim for a VA rating? Also I developed eye problems in both eyes but most especially my right eye.   I have lost my vision in my right eye for months now and the shots that they gave me did not improve my vision so I am scheduled for an eye surgery in 2 weeks. So my question is, since I have DMII, do you think I have enough to file for a disability claim?

Jim's Reply:

Yes, ask your doctor to make a note that the diabetes is the cause of all these things and file them as secondary conditions.


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