Brown/Blue Water Navy


Served in the US Air Force in Vietnam from January 1971 to January 1972. I worked on Cam Ranh Bay with the US Navy for that year on one of two Neptune Patrol Boats patrolling the waters of Cam Ranh Bay. Due to nature of my job for that year,  would get wet after going overboard to remove boat from sandbars, etc. Boats were only 18’ Boston Whalers with three military personnel on board each boat. Worked only at night. Diagnosed with kidney and bladder cancer in 2010-2011. Saw a representative from DAV about 4-5 years ago who said I would not qualify. Also diagnosed and treated for high blood pressure. What would your opinion be for applying for benefits for brown water navy service? Thank you

Jim's Reply:

Some rules have changed in the last few years. I'd suggest that you should find a representative near you here and consider filing again.


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