Hip replacement from fall because of disabled ankle


I fell and broke my hip which resulted in replacement. I fell because my ankle (30% VA  already rated) when it gave way, buckled resulting in my falling.,I submitted a claim. The VA is scheduling a C & P exam. Do you think that the VA will approve my claim? The civilian evaluation service is scheduling a civilian doctor for the exam. thanks

Jim's Reply:

No, I do not think that VA will find your fall is because of your ankle.

While I understand that you believe that the ankle "gave way" and that resulted in the broken hip, the VA will often postulate that there are dozens of possible reasons that you may have fallen, and none of those will have anything to do with that ankle.

Unless you have some way to absolutely prove that your ankle was the cause of the fall to the elimination of any other cause, I believe you're wasting your time.


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