Remand date keeps changing


Hey Jim, I currently am in an appeal with the VA. My lawyers are seeking TDIU in conjunction with increased ratings for type 1 diabetes and diabetic neuropathy in both feet.(Service-connected 50% as of this moment). I went before a judge in  FL on Dec 10th 2018. The judge ordered a remand, and in the process the VA has pushed my expected date back 4 times from Aug 9th to now Dec 9th of this year. They are requesting a VA Form 21-4142. I have already sent the records that this form is requesting, and the VA has acknowledged their receipt. I guess what I'm asking is with your experience with these types of claims and such, do you think I'm foolish to be expecting a decision this year?

Jim's Reply:

This year...2019? You aren't foolish but I have doubts you'll see a decision any time soon.

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