Used car purchased online and turned out to be damaged


Jim, thank you for your site. I just need some quick advice since I have never done this before.  I recently purchased a vehicle online from VROOM, a large distributor. I had the vehicle checked out and the local Honda dealership told me the vehicle was in a serious accident and had the front end rebuilt. The frame was even cracked. The CARFAX showed no history of the accident and VROOM dragged their feet for about 8 weeks and now they will not respond back. I need to get restitution for this damage and vehicle depreciation, I want to go through small claims court. Do I just go through my local country justice hall. I am in Tennessee.Thank you for any brief response you can provide.

Jim's Reply:

This is a tough one. I'm not at all sure about small claims court since the VROOM people may not be in your state and they're already brushing you off. I think your first stop should be the offices of a local personal injury attorney who can offer you some advice about your options. That would be worth an hours fee just to be pointed in the right direction. Good luck.

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