Hypertension and aortic stenosis


Was in Vietnam 1970 to 71. Receive benefit for ischemic heart, and recently I file for aortic stenosis and hypertension, receive a letter from the VA requesting a letter saying  “we may consider that treatment for hypertension and aortic stenosis on time of diagnosis to present is associated with dioxin exposure if you send us a scientific or medical evidence showing that your claimed condition is medically associated with dioxin exposures.” Surgery for aortic stenosis on April 7 2018.

Jim's Reply:

The conditions you are claiming, hypertension and aortic stenosis, are not presumptive to agent orange. That means that you have to provide medical evidence to prove that the conditions were caused by your service. You can do that by submitting an IMO along with your appeal. Click here

Source URL: https://statesidelegal.org/hypertension-and-aortic-stenosis