Veteran has land dispute with neighbor


 I am prior service 4 years in US Army. I bought a home in Tennessee. It was a home where I raised 4 children. A stretch of land circles around my property. My septic tank sits on my property but the field line is on that stretch of land. It was damaged . I wanted to fix it but the owner of that stretch of land refuses to allow this. I hired an attorney paid 1000$, he said I have a case. He talked to her attorney to no avail. Now he wants 5000$ more for court . I cannot afford this. Now that lady has placed a barbed wire fence over my property. Now I will have to get a surveyor to do a new survey. 1500$.  Again I can not afford this. Paid to have the water and waste to have a permit to have this resolved. We have a piece of paper stating she agrees to our easement rights, but we can not move her fence. She also removed our land markers. I'm at a loss. I'm disabled but have never filed. I need help from someone. Thank you

Jim's Reply:

You're in're an American citizen and you have all the rights and privileges of any citizen and you can hire and pay for an attorney to help you fight your civilian battles. We veterans don't have any special privileges when it comes to fighting the issues that come up as civilians. When it comes to property disputes, marriage and divorce or criminal law, none of that has anything to do with our service so we're allowed to get into trouble and then get ourselves out...usually by paying the lawyer we need. You have a lawyer who has told you what would be required. Good luck.

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