Veteran's wife facing divorce


I'm a veteran wife on a divorce process and my husband put a lot of pressure on me to sign up for an agreement where I get nothing. He even used my daughters to convince me. I was married for 26 years and I got married in Mexico in 1992. We lived there for 18 years and moved to this beautiful country in 2009 because we run away a cartel was trying to kidnap my daughters. We left everything in a period of days and started from zero. We was battling a claim for 100 % disability compensation the one he won in 2016. In Mexico, we both worked but I was the one always brought the most income and who worked most.   He got very sick I believe in 2005 and I was the one worked since various jobs and did the missionary work. Our marriage had problems from the beginning. I need help to correct this injustice. He got his compensation and he is been doing all he can to not entitle what is fair to me. I was a good wife and mother mostly of our marriage but I committed mistakes too those are the excuses he is been given to not be fair. I'm almost 50 years old, no job, an immigrant and I didn't know my rights.  How am I going to start from zero again?  I'm devastated. I'm the one who ask for divorce but obviously didn't know the law and there are more things he did to hurt me. I need help. I need to all this process stop and show the judge and be decided without taking more than what is fair.  Also I was reading that I may lose my immigration status... if I knew all this before never got divorce although he took care of all that way too with his testament al trustde. Is any way possible that you can help?  I'm a veterans wife in an unfair divorce case.  I apologize for the spelling and I hope I made my self understand. I'm desperate.

Jim's Reply:

The best I can offer is that you need a lawyer to represent you. Your search for a lawyer should start at any legal aid resources you may have in your region. Don't wait...start looking now.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Use our "Find Legal Help" directory for the state where you are living and start by contacting your local LSC program:  they provide free legal help to low-income individuals and many offer help with divorce.   If they can't assist you, they should be able to make referrals or provide information that could help with your questions.


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