Waiting on VA appeal decision


I injured my knee while on active duty. Documented in my medical records. I've since had three orthoscopic knee surgeries(one of which occurred while I was on active duty, also documented in my medical records), leading up to having a total knee replacement at the age of 45. I put in my claim for disability for knee problems, back problems, stemming from the knee problems, hearing loss and ringing in my ears. They denied all but the tinnitis. I appealed it and am waiting for a response.  November will be a year for me on the appeal. Is there anything that I should do to speed this process up?

Jim's Reply:

No, the VA runs at one speed and that's slow. Trying to speed things up almost always ends up causing further delays. Let the appeal run it's course over time and then act if necessary. For what it's worth, many appeals are taking 5 to 7 years to resolve today...I anticipate that will take longer in the future.

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