Disabled vet wondering if disability discharge could be changed to retirement


Hi Jim. I’m a disabled vet with disease contracted during active duty. I was placed on TDRL at 40%, and then 18 months later (in 1997) I was discharged with severance pay at 20%, my request for appeal to remain on TDRL was denied because at the time I was doing ok, but obviously my condition deteriorated to my current 80% rating awarded in 2007. Am thinking about reassessment, and am certain I’ll be a higher rating. I may be without medical coverage soon, is there any way I qualify for TRICARE or CHAMPUS for me and my dependents?  Is there any way to go back and have a “retirement” take the place of my 20% disability discharge with severance pay ? It was obvious to me and my doctors that I would be significantly worse one day, which I am now. Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jim's Mailbag:

It doesn't appear to me you are eligible for any help with dependents insurance. The option of CHAMPVA comes with a 100% P & T rating which you'll have to apply for. If I were you I wouldn't place hopes on "reassessment" to insure your family...you'll want to start looking into insurance exchange networks and so on to see what's available.
Applying for the 100% so you can have the benefits is a gamble and can take years...go for what's available and start from there.


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