VA schedules new C & P exam just 7 months after another


I went for a C&P exam back in Feb. 2019 this year. I was already at 100% but not P&T since 2015. I received a rating decision letter in April 2019 this stating I was now eligible for CH35 DEA for my kids.  My four conditions were all noted as static and P&T shows on my ebenefits award letter.  I got a call from the VA last Friday  that I’m scheduled for a C&P exam a routine future exam. I stated to the rep. I just went to the same exam in Feb. 2019 this year and was rated P&T 100%. They scheduled me for this Friday but I am out of the country. I let them know and ask for a reschedule and if it could be checked if the appointment was scheduled in error. I was told it was possible and VA rep at the 800-827-1000 # stated they saw where I was listed P&T and that I had no flags on my account and most likely it was an error. I did a 4138 explain my dilemma and the anxiety this has caused bc I depend on this now to have a room over my head and uploaded my rating decision letter from 4-8-2019 and how it noted I just went to a VA C&P in Feb. 2019.   What are my rights and should I be worried or will they now catch it that I uploaded the docs?  The first VA rep was really rude and me feel awful like I did something wrong for asking.

Jim's Reply:

Mistakes were made it would seem. Just what those mistakes were is hard to determine. The fact is that calling won't help and there's nothing to be done but to wait...give the dust time to settle and see what the end result is. I'd do nothing more until you hear from VA.

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