HOA dispute involving a dog


Hello Jim first let me thank you for your service and thank you for your continual support of our troops. My question is that I have recently gotten a notice from my HOA of a file for lien to foreclose over a filing on a dog! It a long story as it probably is in most cases but I will try to make short of it. My Ex moved out over 2 years ago, in which she took most everything including the dog. I explain to the HOA that she had the dog and was living in a neighborhood down the street. It was said by them that they came by an the dog was here and the only time I have kept the dog during the 2 years has been she was out of town! She recently moved to Ohio at the end of Feburary since then I have had the dog! I had her to take the dog to have him registeedr at the end of last year,  I believe,  because they said if I didn't,  I would still be fined! I have spoke to other neighbors that have had issues with this as well and they had their files waived. So do I have any way of having this dropped without having to pay this fine? Thank you for all the help

Jim's Reply:

I haven't any clue if you have a case or not. This isn't a veterans issue and it's a great example why I've turned away opportunities to live under HOA control. In my mind the bickering isn't worth the landscaping. You'll need to hire a lawyer if you want professional help. Good luck.


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