Where Can I Get Legal Help with an Out-of-State Child Support Modification?

A bearded white man standing in a field, holding a young child on his shoulders

A group of legal advocates representing Veterans in Dallas, TX noticed that many of the Veterans coming to them for help with child support modifications were dealing with out-of-state court orders. Typically, lawyers are licensed to practice in only one state, the state where they live.

After identifying this unmet need, the lawyers found a group of law students to conduct a national survey. The goal was to identify state-by-state legal referrals, where a veteran may be in need of legal help with child support modification.

This survey was completed in December 2014.

While we cannot be sure that any of these legal referrals will work for you in any specific case, it may be a good starting place if you have this legal issue and cannot afford to hire a private out-of-state lawyer to represent you. 


Reviewed January 2018

Source URL: https://statesidelegal.org/where-can-i-get-legal-help-out-state-child-support-modification