Where to get free help if you owe a tax debt to the IRS

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Q.    I'm a Vietnam combat Vet with a 70% VA disability for PTSD . I've been self-employed for years.   I have not filed tax returns in a number of years.    I've basically been a homeless vet since getting divorced again in 2006. The IRS notified me recently that they have filed tax returns for me and have told me that I owe them money for a number of years.  What should I do?

A.    Dear Veteran, First, thank you for your service to our country in Vietnam.  We think you should contact a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic in your area.  Low Income Taxpayer Clinics assist taxpayers who are having problems with the IRS.  The assistance is free.  In order to qualify for assistance, your household income must fall at or below 250% of the poverty guideline .  Go here for the IRS listing of Low Income Taxpayer Clinics and income eligibility guidelines.  Make sure you call a clinic that is designated as a “B” or “C” on the chart.  Clinics with an “E” designation only provide educational information. 


Last updated May 2018

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