No word in 12 months about VA claim


I don't understand why the VA is taking so long on my Mom's claim. I processed this claim prior to my dad passing. then switch it to my mom. it has been a year. My dad's DD214 even showed 2 tours overseas.

Jim's Reply:

If you helped your father file a claim for a disability benefit and he passed before the claim could be fully adjudicated, then his surviving dependent is able to substitute herself for the deceased claimant. If you properly filed the original claim, there should have been a letter telling you that the claim was filed and that VA is working on it. I'm not sure I understand what sort of disability was filed for? That he had 2 tours overseas is interesting but not enough to file a claim. If you have delivery proof of the original claim that was filed, you may want to write to VA and ask why there's no progress.