Need legal help suing a moving company


Are there lawyers available to help me with a moving company that are breaking the law?

Jim's Reply:

Yes, there are. You are a citizen and as such you have the right to retain an attorney for any reason whatever. If you're asking if there are any free lawyers who want to help you, I have my doubts. This isn't a veterans issue, it's a problem any ordinary citizen might have and you have to deal with it as such. There are no free lawyers to help veterans with their day to day problems.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Use the "Find Legal Help" directory to look for an LRS provider near you and request a low-cost consultation with a lawyer.  Be sure they understand the specific legal problem for which you need help (damage to your property, discrimination, over-charging. etc.) since many lawyers specialize in different areas of law and you want someone who understands your need.