Mission Act requirements


Concerning the Mission Act. I fall with in the 30 mile rule from my closest VA out patient clinic, however all I receive from them is primary car, blood work, physical,etc. Anything other then the basics , I travel 3 hours each way too a VA hospital. Do I qualify for the mission act for all other care that my VA outpatient clinic does not provide.With the old Choice program it was kind of hit and miss for local care, sometimes I could receive local care and sometimes not, especially with hearing problems and dental, sometime local ,, then sometimes I had too travel???  Thanks , Jim.

Jim's Reply:

Yes. No. Maybe. So far that's all I can get from VA. I've applied and already been told I'm not eligible since I can swim to a nearby VA clinic. Yes, really. The route they chose for me was over a bay and up a river, "as the crow flies" rather than in a vehicle on roadways.
Only at your VA!