Mismanagement by VA fiduciaries


I  am in need of help concerning mismanagement of my VA benefits by 3 specific VA fiduciaries. They have been non compliance from the very beginning and I want out of the program based on the fiduciaries not following the strict guidelines there in black & white on what VA FIDUCIARIES MUST DO.  I am service connected 70% for MST , 30% unemployability and totally and permenant. How can I and who can hold my VA fiduciary responsible for my current homeless and hopeless condition. Who can get the evidence from the hub and look into their malicious and intentional neglect to my livelihood?

Jim's Reply:

The VA fiduciary program is one of the more dysfunctional operations within VA and that's saying a lot. Ridding yourself of a fiduciary is always a challenge and you need some experienced legal help. Call any one or all of the lawyers you'll see here  and talk with them for free as they assess your situation.