Military Sexual Trauma


Jim, does the VA really expect someone with sexual trauma (raped) to really ever recover with triggers, voices, nightmares etc. you may be able to function, you never forget and it’s actually gotten worse as I get older due to being less agile and more vulnerable. Thanks.

Jim's Reply:

VA follows laws, rules, regulations that are supposedly based in modern science and thinking. These rules and regs are promulgated by people who are guided by scientists and others who keep them informed. Does the MST ever go away? Personally, I don't think so and I understand PTSD and aging and how it gets worse as we become more fragile. But VA bases degrees of disability on function and if you can function, the theory is you're recovering to some degree. Nobody can see inside our heads, they have to measure what they see on the outside. There aren't any easy answers...good luck.