Many mistakes in handling of case re Camp LeJeune Water


I filed for benefits 9 years ago (has to do with camp lejeune water. ) My case went in front of a federal judge. He remanded my claims. In his remand letter he instructed a doctor to rewrite a letter she wrote for me. I have a email from her stating she would not. He also wanted my claim to be examined by qualified doctors on other issues. They sent my claim to veterans evaluation services with no paper work, just what what i was claiming. I contacted them;  they sent me a email stating they did not know my claim was for camp lejeune and they do not handle camp lejeune claims. So not knowing it was for there,  they gave me a judgment not in my favor. The first letter doctor wrote stated "my condition is as likely as not due to the water" should have went in my favor with all the private doctors letters i turned in. But when it got to the judges office,  they did not send him all my paper work and letters from private doctors were not sent. Now my claim is in for review,  but it is in review for hodgkins disease. I never claimed this.I informed the judges office of this. they sent me a email if I wanted to appeal his decision,  I could. I just wanted to make him aware doctors did not do as he requested with held paper work broke the CFR.

Question:  can I file a complaint with the FBI means it is federal for them not doing as judge ordered, sending my claim to unqualified doctors, and breaking the CFR.  I have paper work and emails to back my claim. As you can see, I am very frustrated after 9 years. It took my Senator 1 1/2 years to stop my claim for missing a eye that was going in front of a judge. I am not missing a eye and never put in for that.  From being sent for a C&P exam for PTSD that I never put in for from a doctor telling me they only go intoVA to make extra money and did not look at my chart. I have witness to prove all this. Can i file charges HAD ENOUGH OF LIES AND BS. Lost my home, my pride, and everything else due to me being disable from the water. Had a letter from my oral surgeon who stated he had to surgically remove my teeth and could not remove all of them had to break them off at jaw, cause jaw was so soft due to lead contamination. That letter never made it to judge. HELP

Jim's Reply:

You need to speak with an experienced veterans law attorney. You can find your lawyer here