Lost job at school


Jim; I worked for a school district for almost four years, both as a substitute employee (2yrs.) and regular employee (1yr 8mos).  I was wrongfully terminated for going over on sick and personal time by 3 hrs. Which I actually had. Make a long story short. This case has been going almost 2 years. I have every piece of paperwork proving my employer to be at fault. But my lawyer is giving me excuses on why he can't pursue the allegations of retaliation, discrimination, and releasing my personal information via copy machine and posting photocopied images of my driver's license in public on chain linked fences outside school yards. I've lost complete trust in my attorney. Is it possible to get a new attorney? Cause mine wants me to agree to a settlement like I'm the guilty party. I need some real help!

Jim's Reply:

You can hire and fire an attorney any time you want and replace that lawyer with any other lawyer who will take up your case. That's your right and your choice. Before you fire the current lawyer you should line up someone new to take your case and that may not be easy. First up, it doesn't sound like the current attorney thinks you have much of a case and then, once you fire a lawyer, you look like trouble to everyone else. Go for it if that's what you want to do. Good luck.