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The American Veterans and Servicemembers Survival Guide

This detailed 600 page Veterans and Servicemembers Survival Guide was originally developed by Veterans for America and is now made available free of charge by the National Veterans Legal Services Program on their website. It was published in 2009 so more recent changes will not be included.
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IRS Debt: Options for Low-Income Taxpayers

What to do if the IRS sends you a notice saying you owe them money.
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Where to get free help if you owe a tax debt to the IRS

Where to get free help.
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Don't Leave Money on the Table: Tax Credits and Public Benefits

Are you getting all of the tax credits and benefits you qualify for? Use our checklist to find out.
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Filing a Tax Return When Deployed

Your tax return must be signed to be valid. If you are married, then you and your spouse must both sign the return. However, if you are deployed, there are other options. If your spouse has a valid power of attorney to attach with the return, then he or she can sign for you. You can also use IRS Form 2848.
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Postponing a Lawsuit Against You

What if I am sued while on active duty?

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Benefits at Separation

This is a quick summary of several important benefits. The chart shows whether you may qualify, based on your discharge status.
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Cell Phone Contracts and the SCRA

The Servicemember's Civil Relief Act [SCRA] can be helpful if you need to cancel or change your cell phone contract because you are a servicemember who has received new military orders for more than 90 days to an area not supported by the contract.

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Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) for Surviving Spouses and Children

DIC is a tax-free monthly benefit paid by the VA to eligible survivors of the following:
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Credit and Debt Collection Overview

Consumer credit issues affect us all. Here are the answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions.