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Help with Discharge Upgrades and VA benefit denials from the BVA (a high-level appeal).

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VA Pension Benefits

This is a monthly VA benefit for low-income wartime veterans. There are two main types of VA pension benefits: (1) basic pension, and (2) special monthly pension.
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Special Programs for Families

Find programs designed to help families of veterans - dependents and survivors.
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Legal Needs Check-up Tool - Interactive Interview

Try our checklist to find legal information and where to get help with your legal issue.

Benefits / Financial Resources - Overview

If you are struggling financially, you can benefit from learning about income supports provided by the VA and DoD, as well as needs-based benefits available to the general public.

Examples of VA and DoD benefits:

Can I get both Social Security Disability Benefits and VA or DoD benefits?

Generally speaking, medical history is the single most important factor in receiving benefits under SSDI. Therefore, all of your VA medical records and military records can play an important role in proving to the SSA that you qualify for SSDI.

What are the Major Differences between DoD and VA Disability Benefits?

Here are some important differences between DoD disability retirement benefits and VA disability benefits. Understanding these differences may help you sort out  the benefits puzzle.

Can I Receive Payments From the DoD and the VA for the Same Disability?

In short, probably not. The two programs usually offset each other. Thus, you may generally only receive benefits from one program. However, for some veterans there are exceptions.

VA Disability Compensation and Disability Pension

Veteran’s Disability Compensation

Veteran’s Disability Compensation is administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is intended to compensate veterans for loss of quality of life and civilian employability. To qualify, an individual must be a veteran.

DoD Disability Compensation and Severance

The Department of Defense provides two types of disability compensation: Permanent Disability Reitrement and Temporary Disability Retirement. They also provide something known as Disaiblity Severance Pay.

A. Permanent Disability

Permanent disability is available for individuals: