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How to File A VA Claim for Disability Compensation

Updated in March 2015 to reflect the VA's improved e-filing process.
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VA Benefits Quick Screening Guide

Use this screener to find out if you might be entitled to pension, disability or DIC (Dependency and Indemnity Compensation) benefits from the VA.
A photo of a golden retriever service dog wearing a vest with several service dog patches. The most prominent reads 'Disabled Veteran with Service Dog.'

Disability Programs Available to Veterans - VA, DoD and Social Security

Are you a veteran with a disability wondering about what benefit to apply for? This can be a confusing puzzle. Here, we explain the two compensation systems for former military - VA and DoD - as well as Social Security Disability benefits. And we explain how these different benefit programs interact with each other.
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The Homeless Veteran's Resource Guide

Many organizations provide support to homeless veterans.  These services include housing, food programs, educational opportunities, counselling and legal help. Open the attached document to find a comprehensive listing of resources and links. 

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Was your MST-Related VA Benefit Claim Denied? Learn about Special Review Process

How to get your previously denied VA Compensation claim reviewed.


VA Survivors Pension


A VA Survivors Pension offers monthly payments to qualified surviving spouses and unmarried dependent children of wartime Veterans.

Step 1: Check if the Veteran’s service allows you to be eligible.

Step 2: Check if you currently meet the criteria to be eligible.

Step 3: Apply

Military Service and Social Security

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Social Security Benefits and Military Service.  For more information or should you have questions not answer below, please feel free to ask Jim at Jim's Mailbox, or go to the Social Security Administration's fact sheet.



Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

Free Help Filing for a Discharge Upgrade or Appealing Vet Benefits Denial

The Veterans Consortium believes that our Veterans deserve the benefits and compensation they were promised, and the best legal services free of charge to meet their challenges and needs. These services are provided worldwide and are 100% free to veterans. 

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Fugitive Felon Status and its Impact on VA Benefits

For veterans who are receiving VA benefits and who have warrants issued for their arrest, there may be a significant danger of not only losing their benefits, but also of having to repay all benefits received.

Disability Claims - Overview of VA Compensation for Veterans

What is disability compensation?
Veterans who become disabled due to an injury or disease that began (or worsened) during active military service can claim monetary benefits. The VA calls this "disability compensation." For many folks, that is what they mean by "VA benefits."

Of course, there are other VA benefits that are also  important, including the disability pension benefit available only to low-income veteran households. We will be adding information about how to apply for those benefits in the coming weeks.