landlord/tenant problems


Wanting to get out of a lease in Hawaii. Keep leaving for training and mini deployments. Lived in the place for less than 30days and have paid for over 5mo. Came back recently and one of the entry doors not function and lizard poop all over the bed and my belongings. Already been bit by a centipede as well. Have a fixed one year lease. How can I break it and get out of this less than ideal situation? Also, landlord doesn’t want me to break the lease. The lease agreement also states not to record the agreement on public records or at any public office.

Jim's Reply:

Lizard poop, eh? You need to speak with an attorney who is local to your living arrangement. It sounds as if you signed a tightly worded lease and if you don't have some legal advice from an attorney who is familiar with your local laws, you're likely headed for more troubles.

  • PS from StatesideLegal: Contact the Hawaii State Bar Association LRIS program and ask for a low-cost consultation with an attorney near you who has expertise in landlord/tenant issues