IU reduced - what do I do next?


I was on IU but rated with 90% disablity. So I was being paid at 100% From 2013 to 2016. May 2016 I recievced a letter that the Va will reduce take my IU and I will oy be recieving my 90%.

I faxed in the 4140 form of surevy of employment stating that I have found employment. July 2016 without my knowledge they made a descion on reduing me and closed the case. No letter was sent.From June 2016 to 2018 I was under the impression that I had a cliam in to be placed on IU again. I contacted bothe the Regional office and Service officers in the area both say that I have a cliam in the system. After completing both Voc Rehab and Work Study becuase of finical difficluties. I then recieced a full time postion in which I cant mentally and physcial mantian. I recievced a lettet Jan. 2018 after I accepyed this full time job that I am on Iu and need to fill out 4140 form of empmoyment. I have called serval service officwr and the Regional officers sayin that the Va plcwd a cliam in on 122017 for IU as of I was already on IU. I am not sure on what to do. I am about to reduxe the full time to go part time maybe or is ther a way to get back pay. Shoukd I say forget and fight for P and T since O now have sleep disorder and more mental disnogses. what should I do?

Jim's Reply

You have a complex case and the best suggestion I can offer you is that you talk with a veterans law attorney. Until a professional sorts through your potential claims and records I don't see much hope for getting your records straightened out.



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