Inpatient mental health treatment and access to firearms


Jim I have been diagnosed with ptsd and have ask to stay at the VA to get my medication right so I would not self medicate with alcohol.I have never been deemed not capable of handling my affairs or a danger to myself or to anyone else. Will this prohibit my ability to buy a firearm or does that constitute a Mental facility.

Jim's Reply

Yes, it is very likely that your stay at an inpatient facility for mental health treatment, whether voluntary or involuntary, will restrict your ability to possess or purchase weapons. The good news is that once you've successfully completed treatment, you're able to file a relatively simple appeal and often enough your 2nd Amendment rights are restored.

I'd like you to consider this; there's a reason for such a restriction. That you're ready to commit to inpatient treatment to help you with a mental health issue is a good recognize that you have a problem. To give up your access to weapons at this point in your life is the right thing to do given your circumstances.

Take full advantage of the system that's waiting to help. Get treated and recover, come back later and appeal the NICS system and you're good to go.





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