I'm being treated for hypothyroidism by the VA, I believe it's connected to my service, will I get a disability rating for this?

The VA is treating me for hypothyroidism. I believe it is in connection to chemicals that were found in the burn pits in Iraq, and working by nuclear weapons that were dismantled on site. How likely am I to get a disability rating for this? 

Jim's Reply

To establish service connection you'll need expert medical opinion that tells VA that it is more likely than not that your hypothyroidism is caused or contributed to by chemical or radiation exposure. You'll have to provide proof of the degree of either chemical or radioactive exposure you had. You'll very likely need an Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) by an expert who is able to review your records and make a determination about the cause of the disease. Once you gather enough evidence to prove the connection and have an IMO completed, you should prevail.