IHD claim after stroke


I recently had a stroke and underwent a carotid endarterectomy for 70% blockage. I have never had the usual risk factors, overweight, high cholesterol, etc. Have a letter from doctor saying Agent Orange played a role. Do I have a claim for IHD? Thanks.

Jim's Reply:

IHD is an abbreviation for Ischemic Heart Disease. You have carotid artery disease (CAD),  not associated with your heart. Thus you can't file for IHD. You would have to file a claim saying that your Carotid Artery Disease is caused or contributed to by exposure to agent orange. The doctor letter must say clearly and unequivocally that it is more likely than not that the carotid disease was caused by AO and provide reasoning for that opinion. Anything less than those words will usually end in denial.