I have a complex claim that is being denied, what should I do?



My father received purple heart after being blowed from a hole in Vietnam had several scars from schrapenal especially his foot 8" that has bothered him his whole life appears neurotic  & agent orange exposure he received 100% service connected especially prostate cancer in 8/17 he was also granted hearing loss due to blown out of hole he is 70 now he applied for benefits in 80,83,84 was denied. He rarely went to dr just suffered since was denied 3x he has PTSD rate at 70% he was in combat in worst areas. My question is should he get reimbursed for foot & hearing loss from time first applied. I have filed his claim this far. The foot is still deferred.


Jim's Reply


You need to consult with an accredited veterans law attorney who will review the case with you. You have a complex scenario and you need an expert review.