I have been told my claim for unemployability has been approved, how can I confirm all the benefits are available now?



I have been told that my claim for unemployability has been approved.

Increased compensation and retro to date of claim has been deposited.

My level is at 90% plus employability which I assume allows me all benefits as if I am 100%.  Does my wife now receive medical benefits through CHAMP program?

How can I confirm this?   Thanks for what you do.  So glad I found you



Jim's Reply


VA never uses plain English when something complex can be used. Your award papers should say something about Chapter 35 Benefits or "No Future Exams".  If you don't see these or if there is a future exam scheduled, you aren't P & T and there won't be any family benefits. If you need further guidance, email me at my personal email and we'll review what you've got. <jim912@gmail.com>