How long will it take to hear back from the VA on my appeal?


Initially filed claim for back sept 2015. C & P nov 2015.   Denied upgrade on back in dec 2015.  Filed appeal sept 2016 (within 1 year  of claim Daniel).  Went for Another C & P in back for the appeal on dec 12 2017.   Still not heard a decision on my appeal rating.  I got a copy of my last c and p and was favorable on my behalf.   Why is it taking so long to hear a rating for the appeal. Been over 2 months since the c and p.  I have recieved other rating fairly quick. 2 to 4 weeks in the past. How can I check in this status?

Jim's Reply

The VA continues to struggle with backlogs, particularly with appeals of denied benefits. There are some estimates saying that an appeal may take 3 to 6 years if initiated in 2017-2018. There isn't any way to speed it up and the only way to check progress is via the eBenefits site. However, the eBenefits site isn't always accurate so be prepared that there may be little or no info there. The bottom line is that there isn't much you can do but wait. Attempts to speed claims up often result in the opposite so it's best to wait it out.