How long will I wait on a presumptive disability claim?


Hi Jim,

I was recently diagonsed by the VA with a Liposarcoma stage 3. It is one of the first AO presumed deseases.  I am currently vet with AO related 50% disability so I went to the VA for treatment (Jan 18).  My VA doctor told me to file a new claim (Feb 18) for the cancer. I asked if they could help and they said no.  I will begin radiation treatments sometime this month (Mar 18).  I received my notification letter that VA is working on my claim and can expect a decision in June .  Since the VA performed the surgery and the formal diagnosis and all records are in the VA system, should I expect it will actually take that long?  I don't want to complain and get on the wrong side of the Disb & Comp folk at the VA, but it seems a no brainer for processing.  Or should I just hunker down and wait it out for a BIG check to come sometime this summer?  (The delta between 50% and a 100% is significant).

Jim's Reply

It would seem that presumptive condition claims would be a no-brainer, just as you say. Unfortunately, nothing is ever simple or easy when filing even the most straightforward claim at VA. All you can do is to wait it out and hope you receive a decision by June. In my experience, June would be an optimistic often takes much longer.