How Long Until A Rating Is Permanent?


Jim I have 2 questions. I am currently a drilling reservist in uniform and also have a 100% VA disability rating (awarded in 2016) that is temporary. How long does it take or when can i expect the VA to make it permanent? I believe they will bring me in for a follow up appointment sometime in 2020 to re-evaluate my PTSD rating. Second question: I am thinking about getting my small business certified as a minority SDVOSB to bid on government contracts. Would I need to wait until I retire from the Army Reserves before I can operate and solicit contracts from the government or could I start that process while still in uniform? Thanks

Jim's Reply:

Mental health ratings are usually temporary in nature and require that a C & P examiner note the rating as stable and not likely to improve to become permanent. I do not believe that your reserve status would make any difference to the requirements of an SDVOSB certification. However, I question whether or not the temporary status of your disability rating might be questioned.The term "service disabled veterans" is widely used but not clearly defined while other entities require the rating to be permanent for some benefits to be awarded. You can read the details of the requirements here  and then decide if you want to seek legal counsel before pursuing this.