How to get an ID Card


How and where can i get a military ID card? I am a widow, my husband was 100% for over 10 yrs and we never applied for the Military ID Card. I just received my Champ VA card. Tried Tampa, MacDill but have been unable to talk to them and phone message says they are out of paper and supplies, and to make an appointment. I understand there is a form I must complete DD 1172-2. Please advise me how and where I should go to receive my Military ID card. Thanks

Jim's Reply:


Don't call...Drive to the nearest military base. Take any sort of paperwork you may have that verifies your status. Be sure to have all your necessary paperwork like your driver's license, the vehicle registration and insurance and so may be asked for all this prior to entering the installation.

Yes, you'll need and if you'll print one out and take it with you, you'll be a step ahead. 

When you arrive at the guard gate, ask them to direct you to the base ID services. They do this all the time so they'll understand what you're trying to do.

You'll have to be patient. During the COVID crisis in America many military bases are restricting access so you may have to try to get this done more than once, but if you'll be persistent, you'll get your ID card. Good luck.