How do I prepare for C&P exam?


I have  an upcoming comp and pension exam next week, currently rated at 90%, 50% PTSD, 30% Coronary heart disease, 20% Diabetes, 20% periphery nureothpay on each leg and 10% tinnitus.

I was working up till December of 2017 (age 67) when I had to resign from a construction position as General Foreman and Field Engineer, the exhaustion and just hurting most of the time with legs was more than I could bare. I was in Vietnam boots on the ground and was exposed to OA according to my records, (diabetes and Heart Condition 2 stents). In my letter to claims I only informed them on the conditions I had and related issues that prevented from continuing to work, I declined further work offer due to the conditions I had which made more sense, probably would of killed me any way.

What can expect them (examiners) to do, I was recently diagnosed  with diabetes and latter with nuerothapy in both legs just last year. I still go to individual consueling and group therapy at our local VA office for PTSD issues and have been for years. It's very difficult to continue these interviews and more than once have almost given up numerous times.

What can I do to make sure this exam coming up is done once in for all, or is it another crap shoot like the others before?

Any info would be much appreciated. Thank You.

Jim's Reply

I'm not sure I understand why you have a C & P exam coming up? If because you filed a claim for an increase to your existing benefit after you left work, that would have been the right thing to do. I would have urged you to seek the 100% TDIU benefit. The TDIU (unemployability) benefit seems tailor-made for you since you had to leave your active employment due to your service connected disabling conditions. That you're leaving gainful employment due to your rated conditions at age 67 is a bit unusual. I think you'll have to convince VA that you would have continued working had it not been for the service connected disabilities interfering. At age 67 many veterans would have already retired or be retiring and the TDIU benefit isn't a retirement benefit. As far as the exam goes, if I were you I would stress that if you could that you would keep working even though you're at a retirement age but your service connected conditions won't allow it. Otherwise, as with all of these truthful and patient as you deal with the bureaucracy.



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