Helping WWII veteran stay housed


Jim, if I had a nickel for every time I told a veteran, young or old, to go to your website I'd be rich. You do a great service for veterans, God bless you.I have an uncle who is a World War II veteran of the Army Air Corps,he served in Europe. He is 94 years old with many health problems and lives in a senior housing complex here in Connecticut, plus he has very little money. The senior housing staff says he can't live there alone and must leave. Is there anything the VA can do to help this wartime veteran? Thank you for your help.

Jim's Reply:

You'll have to help him apply for whatever you can find available. I'd start with applying for a pension. Click here.  You'll want to complete that and get the process started as soon as you can, it may take a while. Your next step is to try and find help at the medical center or clinic that would be close to him. There are social workers and home health care staff who can help you determine just what he may be eligible for. I must tell you that you'll have to be persistent, senior housing is expensive and in short supply for everyone, not just veterans. If you'll fill out that application, you'll determine just what he's eligible for and go from there.